Friday, July 19, 2013

Adonis – Old Enough

Ooh oh yeah
It doesn’t unequivocally matter too most to me
Don’t matter, don’t matter, don’t matter
Your friends consider that we too aged for me
Don’t unequivocally matter, don’t matter, don’t matter
If i’m runnin turn draw sayin you’re my girlfriend
Don’t unequivocally matter, don’t matter, don’t matter
And i’ma need we a same for me
Don’t worry about my age

‘Cause I’m aged enough
Old adequate to adore you, aged adequate to reason you
Old enough
If they ask we about my age we contend I’m aged enough
Old enough, aged enough, aged enough, aged enough
Say that aged enough, only contend that I’m aged enough
And if they ask we hitch my age only contend I’m aged enough
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

I know you’re used to guys that are comparison than you
Don’t matter, it don’t matter,
But they losing each time ‘cause they don’t know how to lift you
Baby i reason we close, never let we fall
I’ll do it right lady i won’t try to ball
Don’t be fearful to let me uncover we what adore can do
… for something new

Baby it’s alright and understand
I’m only tryin t uncover we all
Different grant
What is adore with we gonna take a chance
I’ma revelation we i’m a certain thing


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